SINCE 1983


For more than 30 years Metalnova has been a leader in the market of Security door, a company that is 100% Italian, its signature being innovation, quality, and reliability. That’s why our doors are guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Burglar resistance certifications and the highest security standards, together with great attention to details and design, make these Metalnova security doors perfect for protecting your house and your world from everyone and everything, with style.



PREMIUM DEALER: at the product exposition located inside the showroom the customer can directly touch Metalnova reinforced doors.
NORMAL DEALER: the customer can study all Metalnova products on the catalogues and on digital media.
PREMIUM DEALER WITH PRONTOPORTA: in addition to the product exposition, some Metalnova models at the warehouse are available and ready to purchase.


METALNOVA extends the warranty up to 10 years, a concrete commitment to guaranteeing its customers a compliant product that maintains unchanging performance and appearance over time.