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Information to the interested party on the processing of personal data

pursuant to art. 13, EU Reg. 2016/679 (GDPR) and extensive information on the use of cookies.



This information is provided pursuant to art. 13 of the EU Reg. 2016/679.


The information is provided only for this site and not for other websites that may be consulted by the user through links.


The information is also based on the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data, brought together

in the Group established by art. 29 of the directive n. 95/46 / EC, adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify certain requirements

minimum requirements for the collection of personal data on-line, and, in particular, the methods, timing and nature of the information that the owners

of the processing must provide users when they connect to web pages, regardless of the purpose of the connection;

is also compliant with the Provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data n. 229 of 8 May 2014,

concerning the identification of the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies, and to

clarifications made by the Guarantor Authority on 5 June 2015.




Pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), the following information is provided

in order to make the user aware of the characteristics and methods of data processing:


a) Identity and contact data.

Data controller is: METALNOVA S.R.L., C.F. 03408080376, VAT number 00618641203, in p. of the l.r.p.t. Mr. Giorgio Zambelli,

with headquarters in 40051 - Malalbergo (Bo), loc. Altedo, at Via Bignami 5 / A and 5 / B. The holder can be contacted by telephone

at 051.875831, or by e-mail at, or by certified e-mail (PEC)



b) Legal basis and purpose of the processing.

The personal data you provide is processed exclusively for the execution of the contract concluded with the holder (delivery

of assets and execution of works and services, payments and invoicing, warranty and assistance) and to provide pre-contractual information (eg, estimates). The legal basis is therefore that referred to in art. 6, par.1, lett. b) of the 2016/67 EU Regulation (treatment necessary for the execution of a contract of which the interested party is a party or for the execution of pre-contractual measures adopted at the request of the same). In case of protection of the rights of the owner in the debt collection and litigation, out-of-court and judicial, the legal basis of the treatment is that referred to in art. 6, par.1, lett. f) of the 2016/67 EU Regulation (treatment necessary for the pursuit of a legitimate interest of the data controller or of third parties, provided that the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject who request the protection of personal data do not prevail, in particular if the interested party is a minor). In any case, the processing of your personal data takes place without the prior acquisition of your consent as justified by the legal bases mentioned above.


c) Recipients of personal data.

The data are processed within the institution by authorized parties of the treatment, under the responsibility of the holder for the purposes

Above reported.


d) Data transfer to third country.

The holder will not transfer data to a third country or to an international organization.


e) Methods of processing data using IT tools.

The processing of personal data is carried out mainly using IT procedures and supports, such as website, database, management software, CRM platforms, etc. All the tools are configured in such a way as to comply with the principles applicable to data processing in accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of EU 2016/679 Regulation (lawfulness, correctness, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, limitation of retention, integrity and confidentiality, accountability). Security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illicit use and incorrect and unauthorized access, pursuant to art. 32 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation. The website can use social plug-ins, ie tools that allow you to incorporate the features of the social network directly within the website. Since the information transmitted by the interested party through the use of social plug-ins is transmitted to social network platforms, please consult the privacy policy conditions adopted by the individual social network before using the plug-ins. The site may contain links to other websites operated by third parties, as well as third-party websites may refer to the website of the owner: before entering their data on third-party sites, the interested party is invited to consult the privacy policy conditions adopted by the individual website. In all addressing cases, Metalnova s.r.l. does not obtain personal data of the interested party from third parties and, therefore, is not required to make the information referred to in art. 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016 and declines all responsibility for the use of such data by third parties.


f) Types of data processed.

Navigation data (IP addresses, domain names, time of requests, other parameters related to the operating system and the environment

user's computer, etc.): these data, connected to the normal operation of the site, are used for the sole purpose of obtaining

anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to check its correct functioning and are deleted immediately

after processing.

Data provided voluntarily by the user: these are data requested by the user when registering, joining services, handling requests and orders. The User can provide the data either by entering them in the format on the site, or by using the contacts (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, etc.) indicated on the site.


g) Data retention period.

The data are kept for ten years from the date of conclusion of the contract.

However, the term of retention indicated above is extended if the owner or the person concerned perform acts to exercise their rights capable of suspending or interrupting their prescription. In this case the retention period will be extended in accordance with the provisions of national or European rules applicable to cases of suspension or interruption of the prescription.


h) Data rights.

Please note that, with reference to your personal data, you can exercise the following rights:

1. right of access to your personal data, pursuant to art. 15 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation;

2. right to obtain a correction, pursuant to art. 16 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation;

3. right to obtain cancellation, pursuant to art. 17 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation;

4. right to obtain the limitation of treatment, pursuant to art. 18 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation;

5. right to data portability, pursuant to art. 20 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation;

6. right of opposition, pursuant to art. 21 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation.

To exercise these rights, the interested party can write to: METALNOVA S.R.L., 40051 - Malalbergo (Bo), loc. Altedo, at Via Bignami

5 / A and 5 / B, e-mail address:, PEC address:


i) Complaint to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

The interested party has the right to lodge a complaint with the Authority for the protection of personal data and can contact: Data Protection Authority, Piazza di Montecitorio, n. 121, 00186 Rome, telephone: 06.69677.2917; email: For more information, consult the corporate website of the Guarantor at:


l) Communication of data.

The communication of your personal data is a prerequisite to provide pre-contractual information, for the conclusion of the contract and also constitutes a contractual obligation. Failure to provide the data will not allow to execute the pre-contractual measures required by the interested party, to reach the conclusion of the contract and to fulfill the contractual obligations on the part of the owner.


m) Profiling.

The holder does not use automated processes aimed at profiling.


n) Different purposes of treatment.

The holder will provide the interested party with a subsequent and specific information in case he intends to process the personal data already provided for a different purpose than that for which they were collected, before this further processing, pursuant to art. 13, par. 3.




Cookie Policy


This site uses cookies. Cookies are small text strings that the site sends to the user's terminal (usually the browser), and are stored here, to be then sent back to the site itself at the next visit. Cookies are of different types, differ in terms of duration, for the person who installs them, for their use and purpose.


Below are the different types of cookies installed through this site and how to prevent

the installation.


TECHNICAL COOKIES. They are installed by the site owner and are used to transmit a communication on the network

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for further purposes. Without them some operations could not be completed or would be more complex and / or less secure.


Technical cookies are:


Technical name: PHPSESSID. Generated when the user's HTTP session is created and maintained for the duration of the


Purpose: Allows the site to link the actions of a user during a browser session in order to provide services, functionality

and optimize browsing.

Duration: not permanent.


Technical name: cookieaccept.

Purpose: Cookie that tracks whether or not the user has read the cookie policy.

Duration: permanent.

For this type of cookie the prior consent of the User is not required, however the obligation of the holder to lend

the information.


ANALYTICAL COOKIES OF THIRD PARTIES. The holder uses Google Analytics, a tool provided by Google Inc., which allows the analysis of traffic on the site. Consequently, through this site, analytical cookies owners of Google are installed on the User's terminal. They are used to obtain information, in aggregate form also by generating reports and statistics, on the number of users, on the modalities in which the site is used and also in order to optimize the functions of the same.


More information about how Google protects user data in Google Analytics and data usage by Google

Analytics in


To disable analytical cookies, you can follow the instructions in


Google analytical cookies installed through the site are:


Technical name: _ga (if using Analytics)

Purpose: Cookie related to the Google Analytics service used to create statistics and reports on site visits.

Duration: permanent


Technical name: _gat (if using Analytics)

Purpose: Cookie related to the Google Analytics service used to create statistics and reports on site visits.

Duration: permanent


In order to reduce the identifying power of the Data collected through Google analytical cookies, in the settings of the service

holder has activated options aimed at:


i) cancel the sharing of the Data collected through analytical cookies, preventing the Data from being shared with other products

and Google services (eg Benchmarking, Technical support, account experts, related products);

ii) activate the IP address masking function by which the last octet from the IP address is removed

the user before using it and storing it.


For this type of cookie it is not required the prior consent of the User, without prejudice to the obligation of the Data Controller to lend

the information.


COOKIES OF THIRD PARTIES ALSO FOR PROFILING. These cookies are sent to the User's terminal that surfs the site from different websites or web services on which some elements may exist (eg images, maps, specific links to pages of other domains) on the site.


In particular, the site contains the following third-party cookies:

Technical name: rt.

Purpose: Cookie related to the service

Duration: permanent


The user can make his own choices regarding the third party's cookies at the following link


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ADDITIONAL INDICATIONS. This site does not use first-party profiling cookies.


The User can send any request for clarification and information by writing to METALNOVA S.R.L., 40051 - Malalbergo

(Bo), loc. Altedo, Via Bignami 5 / A and 5 / B, e-mail address:, PEC address: